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FoxFury launches less-lethal tactical shield light for LE

The Taker B52 is a retrofittable, front-mounted 2,000 lumen LED light for ballistic shields



By Police1 Staff

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — FoxFury announced the launch of a new less-lethal tactical shield light for law enforcement: the Taker B52, a retrofittable, front-mounted 2,000 lumen LED light.

The strobe-capable shield light, according to the company, provides officers with panoramic lighting. It has a single pressure switch, which activates the light and changes modes. Its three tactical settings include: momentary, disorienting Turbo-Strobe and continuous on. It’s also powered by two 18650 batteries.

For more information on the Taker B52, visit booth #20054 at SHOT Show 2022.

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