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Eyes on the road: License plate recognition systems can enhance the safety of entire communities (eBook)

The right hardware, right software and right partners can create a powerful framework for fighting all types of crime

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Crime is up, and the numbers of people fighting it aren’t. As understaffed police departments across the U.S. contend with those twin obstacles, they need all the technological help they can get in keeping communities safe.

License plate recognition (LPR) systems are a true force multiplier. Not only can they automatically capture the identifying plate details of thousands of vehicles passing by and alert users to those of interest, their newer software capabilities can power searches by make, model and color, turn partial plates into potential hits and even identify associated vehicles and predict future travel.

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Download this eBook to learn:

  • What types of LPR cameras are best for a jurisdiction’s different needs and locations.
  • How powerful back-end software helps propel investigations beyond what’s captured in images.
  • The difference a comprehensive LPR system made in the Chicago suburb of Hammond, Indiana.

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James Careless is an award-winning freelance writer who covers the public safety sector. His articles have been published in fire, EMS and law enforcement publications across North America.
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