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TruckVault: Built on values and committed to safeguarding public safety equipment

Meet Mike and Sam, who address in-vehicle storage needs for law enforcement agencies

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Both Mike and Sam strive to provide TruckVault customers with informed installers and outfitters.


Content provided by TruckVault

By Julia Hanna

Meet Mike Dopsovic and Sam Robinson: they’re two public safety regional managers at TruckVault who stand by our three core values – reliable security, adaptive design and customer-first service.

Reliable security

At TruckVault, we aim to build with confidence. Customer needs are met through our experience and our ability to produce custom designs. A world where people feel secure knowing their gear is protected from harm is a world we strive for.

Mike’s experience in the in-vehicle storage industry has reinforced how in-demand custom, secure storage systems are for law enforcement. Every agency is unique from budget to equipment to staffing. Armed with intimate knowledge of in-vehicle vault construction, and backed by an extensive network of installers like East Coast Emergency Lighting, Mike guides customers from idea to installed product and provides valuable insight every step along the way.

Along with custom designs, our dealer network is an invaluable way we protect the value of TruckVault systems for our customers. Both Mike and Sam strive to provide TruckVault customers with informed installers and outfitters. For example, Sam listens to agencies in his area and fosters a partnership with Move Over Outfitters with the understanding they provide “everything in one place” when it comes to outfitting law enforcement vehicles.

Adaptive design

At TruckVault, we adapt to change and embrace the future. Designs are continually adjusted to accommodate new equipment and vehicles. With the ongoing vehicle shortage experienced by public safety agencies nationwide, our ability to adapt our designs melds with the resources available to departments. This produces creative solutions for our customers. We understand that tomorrow holds new challenges and opportunities, so we choose to welcome them with optimism and flexibility.

Customer-first service

At TruckVault, we take pride in our commitment to serving our customers. TruckVault systems are known for outlasting vehicles. Consequently, we strive to develop long-lasting relationships through kindness and integrity. We understand the importance of security and the potential sensitivity of gear in tow. We make our design and ordering process as personable as possible. Customers and dealers will work with one regional manager from start to finish in most cases. Additionally, we offer a robust warranty to maintain the usefulness of the TruckVault system.

Sam Robinson’s experience in TruckVault customer service has given him an intricate understanding of the wear and tear TruckVault units endure and custom solutions that work in various scenarios. His technical know-how and practical applications inspire trust in customers and long-lasting relationships with dealers and installers.

Both Sam and Mike understand that the need for secure storage extends to activities off-duty. As firearm and outdoor enthusiasts, they have seen how TruckVault improves consumer lifestyles by providing peace of mind. Here, at TruckVault we stand by our commitment to our customers by providing a full catalog of quality secure-storage solutions for law enforcement on and off duty.