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Browse our gallery of AI-generated police vehicle Christmas tree ornaments
Following the leak of a draft executive order on police reform, White House advisors are promising more LE collaboration. Let’s hope they talk to rural cops
Armored vehicles manufacturer Lenco recently celebrated 40 years
Coeur d’Alene Police Department SWAT vehicles, four-wheelers and a mobile command trailer were destroyed in the blaze, resulting in a “high dollar loss”
The proposal comes after a Minn. shooting that killed two police officers and a paramedic, where wounded officers were rescued using an armored vehicle purchased in 2008
Tracy police deployed a BearCat Armored Recovery Vehicle and a drone to respond to a kidnapping where the victim was held at gunpoint by two individuals at a home
“This is not a tank. This is a replacement vehicle,” one councilman said after receiving public criticism regarding the purchase
The situation began when officers were called regarding a suicidal man parked outside a government building in Mobile
A commissioner highlighted three local officer-involved shootings within the past two months as a reason for purchasing the vehicle to protect officers
Lenco Armored Vehicles will award a BearCat tactical response vehicle to one winning organization
The Rook is outfitted with bulletproof glass and heavy-duty armor to protect against incoming gunfire
The construction truck, which sent up sparks from a freeway sign in the back, was carjacked by an armed suspect
Officials assuaged residents’ concerns about militarizing the town after an email chain erroneously described the armored vehicle as “a tank”
Municipal leaders say responding to a standoff is just one of the Rook’s many talents
The new vehicle seats up to 12 officers and is equipped to treat traumatic injuries inside the cabin, officials said
The upgraded platform can hold up to four officers and can reach as high as three stories
The BearCat EOD, a.k.a the BombCat, is a highly customizable bomb disposal vehicle
A Lenco FireCat is being credited with helping put out flames when it was too dangerous for firefighters to approach using traditional means
The company says the 2021 F-150 can reach 120 mph and has better control when ‘cornering’
The department’s new BearCat had been in operation just two weeks when it was struck by bullets last month
Lenco Armored Vehicles has spent $5 million to expand production of its BearCat vehicles
Consider the Iron Triangle of lethality, survivability and mobility when practicing how to respond to critical incidents
The vehicle is a larger BearCatmodel designed to meet the needs of both SWAT and tactical EMS teams