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Police Reform

Examining the evolving landscape of enforcement strategies
Signs of backlash against increased crime associated with oppressive and punitive police reform measures are coming to light
The need to renew and enhance trust and respect between stakeholders and law enforcement partners has never been greater
“It’s clear that cooperation ... and progress accelerated dramatically over the past few months due to the hard work of people in the courtroom and other officers you work with,” a U.S. district judge said. “Their efforts are paying off”
“The [NOPD] is in shambles because of a federal consent decree ... We have to wrestle that away from them, and even if [the judge] gave it to us today, it would take a decade to build that police department back up,” Gov. Jeff Landry said
The files were made public based on a judge’s order from Nov. 2, the same day former officer Desmond Mills Jr. pleaded guilty to federal charges
The policy, which was voted down by the Brooklyn Center city council, would have restricted pretextual stops
“Injuries during transport have become extremely rare, and BPD now has in place the equipment, training, policies and practices to maintain this safety record,” the DOJ stated
“These changes demonstrate a powerful commitment to reform, a commitment that warrants a different approach from the DOJ than has been the case over the past dozen years,” an attorney wrote
While APD’s officers and training have shown exceptional improvement, the Civilian Oversight Board and one OIS hold the department back from full compliance, according to oversight evaluators
“There’s much more work to be done,” Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley said. “I think we’ve shown over the last couple years that we can both reduce crime and reform a police department at the same time”