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“Problem-based” training, real-time inspections and multiple audits have resulted in major improvements in traffic stop interactions, according to the NOPD’s presentation
NOPD Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick’s statement, “The rats are eating our marijuana; they’re all high,” has led to international news coverage and a t-shirt
Rodents have infested police headquarters, scattering feces across desks and feasting on narcotics in the department’s evidence room
The updated policy requires that officers obtain express approval from supervisors to maintain a pursuit, limits boxing in or ramming vehicles and prioritizes risk analysis training
“It’s great to see true teamwork with Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Louisiana State Police and New Orleans Police Department working to make the city of New Orleans safe,” Gov. Jeff Landry stated
“It’s clear that cooperation ... and progress accelerated dramatically over the past few months due to the hard work of people in the courtroom and other officers you work with,” a U.S. district judge said. “Their efforts are paying off”
The idea to add Patch to the force was inspired by Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick, a horse lover; Patch will help the horses working the Mardi Gras festival by relieving their anxiety and boredom
“The [NOPD] is in shambles because of a federal consent decree ... We have to wrestle that away from them, and even if [the judge] gave it to us today, it would take a decade to build that police department back up,” Gov. Jeff Landry said
The majority of the funding from the $2.35 million deal will go toward personnel costs for deputies from 18 different agencies
The department will have recruiting tables set up at each of the team’s three December home games
“I’m going to be steadfast in making sure our policies provide the safeguards to protect your privacy as well as mine,” Superintendent Anne Kirkpatrick said. “As well as every member of this police department”
“This is about me serving you, so thank you,” Kirkpatrick said after taking the oath
New Orleans police tracked down two ambulances stolen from two different hospitals in one week
Travis Boys, who smuggled excrement into a courtroom and smeared it on his face, will stand trial in the 2015 shooting of Officer Daryl Holloway
Travis Boys faces a charge of first-degree murder for shooting to death New Orleans Police Officer Daryle Holloway in 2015
Department arrested one of their own during investigation of the fatal shooting of another officer
Authorities say man managed to get his cuffed hands from behind him to the front and shoot the officer
45-year-old Housing Authority of New Orleans officer was patrolling a construction site just blocks from Saints’ stadium