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Video: Detroit police intervene as naked woman wields machete at drivers on freeway

The woman, who was having a mental health crisis, dropped the weapon on the freeway as officers approached her



By Sarah Calams

DETROIT — A busy Detroit freeway was brought to a complete stop and eventual closure over the weekend after a partially naked woman with a machete was spotted wielding the weapon at drivers.

The woman was driving on the freeway when she pulled over, got out of the car, took off her pants, and started waving and pointing at people with the weapon as they drove by, reported. Michigan State Police responded to the scene and shut down the freeway as they talked to the woman, who was going through a mental health crisis.

Officers were eventually able to safely get the woman into custody. Video shows the woman dropping the machete on the freeway as officers approached her.

“With this incident, it ended peacefully. The way that we want them all to,” DPD Chief James White said.

It is not yet clear what prompted the woman’s mental health crisis, police said.

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