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Prisoner Transport

The Prisoner Transport topic provides tips, expert columns and news related to the transportation of an inmate from one jail facility to another - a highly dangerous task.

Worn by an inmate in contact with their body and hidden under their clothing, a stun device can be activated remotely by a trained transport officer to quickly stop an escape or violence
Never underestimate the risks that can be posed by individuals in wheelchairs
Vigilance at every step helps officers avoid complacency and ward off prisoner escapes or assaults
The two wanted men were captured following a brief pursuit; Idaho State Police said they are now investigating whether the pair had killed two people while on the run
Juvenile Offenders
The inmates, ages 14 and 15, fled after they took a Jenkins County deputy’s 45-automatic handgun and knocked him unconscious with it
An accomplice is suspected of shooting two COs in an ambulance bay to help the inmate escape; a third CO was wounded by a responding officer who mistook the CO for the shooter
All off-site medical transports will require two Marion County deputies and murder suspects will wear red clothing to indicate their potential danger
Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy John Durm, 61, died at a hospital following the attack, which police are investigating as an “intentional act of homicide”
New Haven police have since adopted reforms that include making sure all prisoners wear seat belts
The deputy tried to defend himself, but the two inmates pulled him into their cell, officials said
The two convicted felons went missing last week from a medium-security prison
The suspect slipped through the open window of a police cage, kicked an officer and stole a parked police car
The officer was shot inside a police vehicle during a struggle with an inmate
After learning he is being admitted to a psych facility, a psychiatric patient launches a violent attack on two officers
The suspect was found hiding inside a 55-gallon trash can in Texas
Cedric Marks, who is a MMA fighter is facing three pending murder charges
Police say he was in the back seat of the police car, hands cuffed behind his back, when he somehow bolted
The deputy “was in a private ambulance transporting a prisoner” when the shooting occurred
The collision occurred when a pickup truck driver ran a red light and T-boned the van
An officer survives a near miss after a suspect escapes custody and is found with a firearm
Brendan Dassey, who was sentenced to life without parole, will be freed from jail within 90 days
16-year-old slipped out of his handcuffs and shot himself and an officer during transport to a juvenile center
In their 16th annual predawn Valentine’s Day warrant sweep, more than 50 cops searched for 300 fugitives
He somehow obtained a sharp object and stabbed one of the officers once in the neck and 3 times in the back
He robbed a bank 55 minutes after he was released
He is seeking to be released from a metal institution for the fifth time since his convistion