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Dash cam video: Man steals federal agent’s vehicle, leads Ore. police on high-speed pursuit

While in the Homeland Security SUV, the suspect heard agents found a hidden phone; he then said, “This is not going to go good for me,” got into the driver’s seat and drove away

By Sarah Roebuck

PORTLAND, Ore. — Dash cam video shows a wild pursuit with a child pornography suspect who stole a Homeland Security vehicle, leading police on a high-speed pursuit, KGW reports.

On the morning of April 24, federal investigators served a search warrant at a home in Portland for a registered sex offender suspected of possessing and sharing child pornography, according to KGW.

The suspect was placed in the passenger seat of the Homeland Security vehicle uncuffed as agents searched his home, court documents state. The vehicle’s window was down and an officer was standing outside the vehicle.

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Upon discovering that federal investigators had found a concealed cellphone, the suspect said, “This is not going to go good for me,” according to the affidavit. The suspect then locked the doors, got into the driver’s seat and drove away in the unmarked Homeland Security SUV.

The suspect led police on a high-speed pursuit from Portland through Southwest Washington, KGW reports. According to police, the pursuit on Interstate 5 reached speeds of nearly 120 mph. The vehicle contained two firearms and additional police gear stored in a lockbox.

Police dash and body camera footage showed officers deploying spike strips multiple times, though the suspect was able to avoid them. The front driver’s side tire eventually deflated.

As the suspect continued driving to evade police, an officer performed a PIT maneuver, causing the suspect to lose control of the vehicle. The SUV flipped and landed on its roof, video shows.

Moments later, video shows the suspect coming out from the wreckage to surrender with both hands in the air.

The suspect was arrested on an outstanding warrant and federal child pornography charges.