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Video: Cop helps woman fix tire, changes her perspective on police

The woman said she had flat tires before, but never had an officer go out of their way to help

By Police1 Staff

MONTGOMERY, Texas — An officer who went out of his way to help a woman with a flat tire changed her view on police officers.

RoseMary Ngehsab Atanga posted a video of Officer Steven Squier on the department’s Facebook and called him the “best officer in United States.”

Atanga said her first instinct was “Lord here is another white officer, help me.” But she soon realized that Squier was an “angel who God sent.”

“This very kind officer who had no reason doing this, located the spare, went through the car manual and single-handedly changed the tire,” she wrote. “We were still trying to figure out how to call AAA.”

Atanga said she had to film him so “the world can see what a good officer looks like.”

“I have had flat tires before but I have never had a police officer go out of his way to do this,” she wrote. “I am so grateful. Lord bless Officer Squier and I pray for more of him in the U.S. My Sunday is dedicated in prayers to him and his family.”