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Quiet Warrior

Celebrating the everyday police hero, the Quiet Warrior program is a collaboration between Police1 and 5.11 Tactical that highlights the professionalism, compassion, heroism and humility that drive law enforcement professionals to go above and beyond the call of duty for their communities. Read profiles of some Quiet Warriors below, whose acts of kindness and bravery have helped strengthen the bond between police officers and citizens.

School Resource Officer Mark Dallas put a stop to a gunman’s attack on his school before anyone was hurt, but he doesn’t consider himself a hero
For humble hero Jeremie Nix, his lifesaving efforts were never about being in the spotlight
The organization, Future Ties, offers homework help, life-skills training, resume workshops, conflict resolution, yoga, tutoring, field trips and other opportunities
Two Buffalo officers walked with 6-year-old Easton Jordan, who has cerebral palsy, as he walked a fundraiser race without his wheelchair
“When I first saw the call, all I was thinking was that could be my son,” Officer Thomas Miller said
Thanks to charitable donations from the Seal Beach Police Foundation, officers were able to purchase a plane ticket for the woman
Dixon Police Department Officer Mark Dallas was recognized Monday for his actions during the May school shooting
First responders made a big show when arriving at 8-year-old Jenciel Filero’s home to give him a bike after his was destroyed
Firefighters, EMS providers and police officers made a big show when arriving at 8-year-old Jenciel Filero’s home to give him a bike after his was destroyed
Police Sgt. Michael Cassidy saw the cashier “slumped over” at the register and rushed to help
“The fire guys said if he had not done what he did, when he did it, there would have been a fatality,” Chief Bill Thompson said
Police Chief Ronald Lawrence praised the officer who “no doubt saved this driver’s life”
Officer Michael Gracia spent months relearning how to eat, talk and drink before returning to his department
Officer AJ Castaneda was at a festival when he saw the child needed help
“The look on his face was certainly something I won’t forget,” the officer said
The officer stayed on the job even after his bosses told him to leave
A lit cigarette sparked the fire that injured both the woman and the officer who rescued her
Sgt. Clint Ferguson says his hobby “bridges the gap and shows [police] are human”
Joshua Salmoiraghi was 3 when he was diagnosed with Wilms tumor, the most common type of childhood kidney cancer
K-9 Puskas, whose heroics captured the world’s attention earlier this year, lives to serve and protect his community
Officer Lamar Sharpe runs a nonprofit that provides role models to the inner city youth of Canton, Ohio
Deputies in Florida stepped in for a Marine vet in need of help
A deputy in Arkansas is being credited for going above and beyond for a girl who had her bike stolen
A homeless man said he needed to be clean-shaven to get hired at a McDonald’s, so one officer stepped in and helped
A Navy veteran, who’s 75 percent blind and about to lose his vision, had his wish fulfilled thanks to a Florida police department
A college student who walked 20 miles to work after his car broke down was gifted a new vehicle, and it all started after he was helped by a group of cops