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The court determines the permissibility of a warrant that allowed for the search of a cloud account with no time limitation
New technology could provide vital information during breaching operations, trafficking searches, or hostage situations
The court rules that the officers had no reasonable suspicion to conduct a Terry frisk in this recent case
Officers spotted a wooden trunk covered in blankets while searching an apartment, so they opened it and found the man crouching inside
“We did have another jurisdiction ... actually sent their K-9 and they were there pretty quickly in just a few minutes,” Officer Michael Slininger said. “But by the time the K-9 arrived, [the drone team] had already located the juvenile”
“This incident demonstrates the immense value of Falcon 30 and our flight crew to the Placer County region,” the Placer County Sheriff’s Office stated. “The three individuals were located and rescued in less than two hours”
Smith Myers, designer and developer of ARTEMIS, Software Defined Radio and cellular protocol stacks designed and optimized for SAR deployment, brings life-saving and award-winning ARTEMIS to Mountain Rescue Teams and First Responders
At Axon, our mission to Protect Life continues outside of the workplace. When disaster strikes, Axon is proud to support first responders and communities in need
What officers claimed was hostile behavior, the court determined was the plaintiff pressing to exercise his right to remain in his home and require a warrant for entry
This case encourages officers to accurately and painstakingly report all factors relied upon to conclude there was reasonable suspicion to detain and reasonable suspicion to frisk
Sheriff Kory Honea, whose department went through a similar disaster recovery, says “good old fashioned detective work” was key in locating survivors
K-9 Woodson and Trooper Jeff Schrieber came upon the missing woman in a cornfield about three-quarters of a mile away from the crash site
Police conducted a warrantless search of the suspect’s property; the question before the court: Was the property abandoned?
Courts may be open to some truly minimal “negligibly burdensome” delay
This case illustrates how good police work can easily be marred by failing to secure a warrant
If you’ve never written an affidavit for a search warrant, now is the time to learn
A suspect challenged the validity of the underlying arrest warrants, but the court held the officers had a good faith basis to rely on the information about the warrants
A court rules that an officer was justified in handcuffing a subject during a detector dog sniff
Authorities have confirmed at least one storm death in Florida, but a Fla. sheriff says the death toll could be “in the hundreds”
It is proper for an officer to conduct a cursory inspection of adjoining spaces without probable cause or reasonable suspicion
Assessing the totality of the circumstances, a court holds the plain view exception applied and the officers’ search of a vehicle was lawful
Prosecutors had argued the “hot pursuit” exception negated the need for a warrant
As long as an officer has a good-faith belief that the person has authority to consent, the consent will be upheld in court.
It was the officers’ adherence to policy that led to a successful prosecution
After being charged with possession of methamphetamine, an arrestee claims he had been unlawfully searched but the court did not agree
The court determines if law enforcement completed a lawful detention though the traffic stop was extended
The continuing validity and constitutionality of stop and frisk depends on lawful execution of the practice
A recent case demonstrates the exigent circumstances doctrine in a warrantless search and seizure of evidence
The court determines if the driver’s suspended license allows extension of the time and scope of the traffic stop