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A taste of what’s to come: SHOT Show 2023 preview

Take a quick trip with us to view some of the newest firearms, gear and gadgets that will be on display at SHOT Show

Fig 2. QDS.png

Photos/Ron LaPedis

2022 was the year of the Red Dot Sight (RDS). Nearly every SHOT Show email I received had something to do with new RDS-ready firearms, new sights and improved mounting systems. This year seems to be all about holsters, new concealed carry firearms, and yes, still more RDS.

Police1 will be running pre- during- and after-SHOT Show coverage with our contingent of range and show floor reporters headed to Las Vegas this month. This is just a taste of what we’ll be covering, so stay tuned. Bookmark our SHOT Show coverage page here.

Staccato CS

Announced several months ago, the optic-ready Staccato CS has just now started shipping. Not to be confused with the Staccato P with CS (carbon steel frame), the Staccato CS is a brand-new double-stack 16+1 capacity sub-compact pistol packed with patent-pending technology, a new Dawson Precision patented toolless recoil system, a dedicated new magazine, and a slimmer more concealable grip that’s narrower than other Staccatos. The single-stack Staccato C has been discontinued.

The barrel on the CS is nearly half an inch shorter, and it weighs 3 ounces less than the C2. Anodized aluminum trigger shoes are standard as is the 4-4.5 lb. trigger weight. Curved and straight triggers are available and full-size and carry optics from all major manufacturers are supported.

Staccato collage.jpg

Figure 1: The Staccato CS (on the left in the bottom left frame) is a brand-new double-stack 16+1 capacity sub-compact pistol packed with patent-pending technology.


The CS uses a new magazine that cannot be swapped with their larger guns, but I don’t see that as a showstopper. The list price for the optic-ready CS is $2,499 with substantial law enforcement discounts directly from the manufacturer.

Why did Staccato decide to discontinue the C and give the CS new magazines? Senior Vice President of Business Development Buck Pierson tells us, “We saw decreased market demand for the Staccato C due to its low capacity count. We ultimately made the change to make room for more innovations and streamlined production. The Staccato CS is the result of those innovations. We saw an opportunity to change the game in the concealed carry market building a small pistol that shoots like a full-size gun. The CS is truly pure Staccato, just smaller.”

Staccato is holding its own Range Day on Monday and will be at SHOT Show in booth 13822. For more info, visit

Alien Gear Rapid Force Holsters

One of the more interesting SHOT Show emails I received was from Riley Richardson at Alien Gear, letting me know about the company’s new Quick Detach System (QDS), which works across all of their civilian and duty holsters.

Alien Gear sent me a Rapid Force Duty Holster for my SIG P320 with Streamlight TLR1-HL and Romeo 1 Pro optic, a LVL 2 Slim Holster for my P365 XL, and a Belt Slide Expansion module, which you can see in Figure 2. The Belt Slide Expansion module comes with a 4-position belt width adaptor that will let you put the module on any belt from 1.5-2.25” or on a MOLLE vest.

This holster is fast and unlike the competition, the same holster will retain your firearm with or without a light mounted on it.

Fig 2. QDS.png

Fig 2. Left panel, left to right, top to bottom: Rapid Force Swivel Drop Leg with QDS Expansion, Rapid Force Locking Belt Slide with QDS Expansion unfolded from front, Rapid Force Duty Holster, Rapid Force LVL 2 Slim Holster (last two are shown from the back, showing quick mount and weapon release levers); Right top panel: Both holsters with the firearm inserted. In the middle is the Rapid Force Locking Belt Slide unfolded showing the screw-mounted belt-width adjustment bar. Right bottom panel: MOLLE-compatible Belt Slide Expansion module.

Photos/Ron LaPedis

The top of the Locking Belt Slide folds over and snaps to the bottom around the belt. When the male holster tab is inserted into the belt slide slot, the mount is locked closed.

As far as I know, Alien Gear is making the only lever-release OWB holster for a P365 with optic, so this holster will be getting a workout over the next few months.

Fig 3 Belt Mount.png

Figure 3: The Alien Gear system uses gross motor skills to insert and remove the holster from the mount. The two locking tabs are squeezed together (arrows), and the holster is pulled upwards to remove.

Photo/Ron LaPedis

Need a Bigger Stick?

A detective or undercover cop can wear a smaller firearm like the SIG P365 under their suit coat and if they get a call that needs bigger weaponry like a P320, they can open their vehicle vault and make the swap.

As you can see in Figure 4, a full-size weapon with RDS and light in a Level 3 retention holster is a bit much to wear on a dress belt. The Rapid Force Swivel Drop Leg moves the weapon to a more stable position and makes room to throw a ballistic or tactical vest on at the same time.

Alien Gear will be at SHOT Show in booth 10174.

Fig 4 firearms..png

Figure 4

Photo/Ron LaPedis

Nextorch TA30C Flashlight

New from Nextorch is the TA30C. This aluminum alloy 20/330/1600 lumen light supports dual fuel from a rechargeable 18650 or two CR132 batteries. It features a 4-level (0-25%, 25-50%, 50-75%, 75-100%) blue/red solid/blinking battery status LED on the endcap (see Figure 5), which rotates for mode selection and has a half- and full- press function for full output or strobe no matter what mode is selected.

It comes packaged with a 18650 battery, USB charging cable, CR132 battery sleeve, pocket clip and lanyard at a list price of $95. Nextorch holds over 120 patents and will be at SHOT Show in booth 10945.

Fig 7 Nextorch.png

Figure 5: The Nextorch TA30C is dual-powered and comes with a clip and lanyard. On the right is the endcap status LED, which tells you with a tap how much power is left.

Photo/Ron LaPedis

Ulticlip Enduo Pocket Mag Clip

The Ulticlip Enduo (Figure 6) is a small piece of plastic with a spring-loaded metal clip attached to it. Using high bond tape, it attaches to the baseplate of most magazines, including 1911 and many .380. The hole in the plastic mount doesn’t block the baseplate takedown button so you can still dissemble your mags for maintenance.

Fig 6 Enduo.png

Figure 6: The Ulticlip Enduo attaches to the baseplate of even the smallest magazines. Left: all you see is a tiny clip with no hint you are carrying a magazine in your pocket. Center: SIG P365 12-round mag with the Enduo ready for mounting. Right: mounted clip.

Photo/Ron LaPedis

The clip is rotated 90 degrees outward and hooked over your pocket as the mag is pushed feed lips down and rounds forward. When the clip is released, the spring pulls the top of your pocket over the mag, hiding the baseplate. To reload, your support hand grabs the mag with your index finger over the top round and the spring retracts as the baseplate clears your pocket.

Visit Ulticlip at SHOT Show in booth 42867 to see the Ulticlip Enduo along with the UltiLink – a MOLLE link system that lets you rapidly transfer items between Molle, duty vest, belts and packs – and the company’s line of high-grip holster mounting solutions.

Be sure to come back to Police1 for more pre- during- and after-SHOT Show coverage.

Ron LaPedis is an NRA-certified Chief Range Safety Officer, NRA, USCCA and California DOJ-certified instructor, is a uniformed first responder, and frequently writes and speaks on law enforcement, business continuity, cybersecurity, physical security and public/private partnerships.