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Policing Matters Podcast: Do no-pursuit policies go too far?

Jim and Doug also highlight ways LEOs can bring a pursuit to a safe conclusion and explore issues related to contact with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) subjects


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Segment One: Do no-pursuit policies make sense, or do they go too far? Some police agencies have enacted strict no-pursuit policies, with others adopting highly-restrictive policies that have all but rendered vehicle pursuits rare in those jurisdictions. Pursuits are admittedly dangerous for officers, offenders, and innocent civilians, but do such policies make sense? Administrators argue that the possible upside in reduced risk outweighs the potential downside of allowing criminals go free to be apprehended another day. Jim and Doug discuss the hot-button issue of no-pursuit policies.

Segment Two: One of the most dangerous activities can engage in is a vehicle pursuit. During the period 1982-2004, 81 police officers were killed during a vehicle pursuit. Thousands of others (fleeing drivers as well as innocent civilians) were also killed during that period. But pursuits are often absolutely necessary to apprehend a violent criminal. Jim and Doug discuss some of the ways in which LEOs can be protected and successfully bring a pursuit to a safe and successful conclusion.

Segment Three: People with autism — children and adults alike — as well as people with other cognitive or developmental disabilities are less likely to commit a crime than others, but they are likely to come into contact with police due to a variety of reasons. For example, ASD individuals may be bullied or victimized, they may go missing (especially ASD children), and might be prone to have emotional outbreaks. With April being Autism Awareness Month, Jim and Doug discuss some of the issues related to officer contact with ASD subjects.

Episode 10

  • Segment One: No-pursuit policies
  • Segment Two: Pursuit tactics (13:39 min. mark)
  • Segment Three: ASD subjects (24:17 min. mark)
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