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Jonathan Pultz on how to excel as a crisis negotiator

As an LAPD SWAT team leader and crisis negotiator, Jonathan explains how crisis negotiation skills help officers in tactical situations and everyday patrol

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The movies show us exactly how hostage negotiation works. Cut to the helicopters, searchlights, the holed-up hostage taker and the hostage negotiator approaching on foot, arms extended, without cover and wearing no protection aside from the nylon windbreaker that says “Hostage Negotiator” across the back.

In reality, only a very small percentage of law enforcement officers become crisis negotiators, and face the reality of impromptu callouts with little information and less-than-ideal settings from which to work.

In this episode of the Policing Matters podcast, sponsored by Staccato, host Jim Dudley speaks with Jonathan Pultz, a 25-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department and author of the book “Negotiating Like Lives are on the Line.”

Jonathan is currently a tactical team leader on the LAPD’s SWAT team and a crisis negotiator. He has a Master’s degree in Dispute Resolution and a certificate of Negotiation Mastery from Harvard Business School online. Jim and Jonathan discuss the training and experience necessary to become a good negotiator, barricade response scenarios, incident debriefings and more.

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Top quotes from this episode

These scenes have family members and friends and community members watching so it is of the utmost importance for officers to do a good job when dealing with these situations.”

A lot of times, if we just slow down and allow people to vent and listen to what their concerns are, you’d be surprised how many times your problem will solve itself. They will tell you exactly what they want done and what they don’t want done.”

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