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New technology could provide vital information during breaching operations, trafficking searches, or hostage situations
The “3 Cs” can increase the chances of successful decision-making and scene management during these complex incidents
Tactical and legal experts share best practices to avoid unnecessary violent confrontations
Video shows Henderson SWAT officers returning fire; the suspect was found deceased in the barricaded home two days after police initially attempted to arrest him
“I’ve got shots fired and an officer down,” a marshal can be heard saying over police radio. “Multiple rounds are being fired at officers”
“We need more armor. Do we have a fire truck? We need a firetruck or something parked out in front of this house, we’re all pinned down,” an officer radios
Calif. police negotiate the peaceful surrender of a suspect involved in a shooting and child abduction case
The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department reported that the officers’ injuries appear to be non life-threatening
Hostage negotiators spoke on the phone with the knife-wielding man for two hours; SWAT members then broke into the building and rescued two women
As an LAPD SWAT team leader and crisis negotiator, Jonathan explains how crisis negotiation skills help officers in tactical situations and everyday patrol
We are seeing increased drone use by SWAT teams resulting in safer incident resolutions for officers and suspects
Video from several officers shows the standoff and shooting involving an escaped parolee
Negotiators successfully ended a standoff with an armed woman in a car
A gunman, who left no indication on why he opened fire, fatally shot himself while he was barricaded in his girlfriend’s home
“The community expects us to de-escalate with time and distance. And we have the technology to do that and keep first responders and the community safe.”
The suspect, whose body was later found inside a building by an LAPD robot, had a history of convictions including battery on an officer
Mayor Karen Bass visited the officers in the hospital and said they were concerned about their fellow officers more than themselves
The suspected shooter was described as a violent felony suspect
There is a paradigm shift occurring in law enforcement as drones become a critical element in almost every aspect of emergency operations
The suspect, who had been barricaded in an apartment for about 33 hours and was wanted in connection with a shooting the previous day, was fatally shot by deputies
“It’s devastating for all parties involved — the officers, everybody that was involved in this situation,” Richland Police Chief Nick McLendon said
After striking the PD’s security door with a chainsaw, the man drove home when police arrived and began “dangling a pair of young children from a window”
How policy, training and tactics are evolving to address these volatile situations
Lt. Joseph Fix credits his time in the military as an Army Ranger and police SWAT training for his ability to remain calm and focused
Watch this online learning event to gain an improved skill set that enhances both field performance and survival skills
The encounter began when the suspect took a 3-year-old boy and fled in a pickup truck, leading to a hourslong standoff
Police were in a hourslong standoff with the man before shots were fired, after his mother called 911 to report he was vandalizing a vehicle
Agencies can deploy the ball in areas they cannot reach, and call the ball to activate its microphone and speaker