Telescoping mirrors: Simple, affordable and life-saving

My team credits telescoping mirrors with saving lives many times over during warrant executions, turn-ups and building searches.

Homes in our area all have attics, which are usually accessible by a 2' x 2' square in the ceiling of a hallway or closet. For years, we had one deputy enter to search. He had to poke his head up through the hole not knowing what he would be facing and always expecting the worst, like a gunshot or a baseball bat "upside" the head.

This stopped when we purchased, at our own expense, telescoping mirrors on poles. What a life-saving decision! We’ve had mirrors shot at by hiding suspects. Before the mirrors, those rounds would have been coming directly at an officer. How’s that for confirmation of money well-spent.

Buy it, throw it in the trunk, and grab it for your next search. You won't be sorry.

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