The Up-Beat: Cop saves disabled man from fire, LEOs buy gas for family & other good police news

Here's our latest roundup of stories about cops doing good across the nation

By Police1 Staff

From small gestures of kindness to incredible acts of heroism, police officers help their communities every day. The Up-Beat aims to bring greater attention to these positive stories at a time when we could all use some good news.

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1. LAPD cop rescues disabled man just before car erupts in flames

Car Fire In Foothill Division

It was another routine patrol shift. Moments later, a car was engulfed in flames and LAPD Foothill Community Police Station officers had pulled a disabled man out. His wheelchair was lost in the burnt wreck, but quickly replaced by an officer’s donation. When asked, they had few words—“just doing our job”.

Posted by LAPD Headquarters on Monday, September 21, 2020

The man’s minivan was engulfed mere moments after an officer pulled him from the wreck. FULL STORY

2. Ala. neighborhood lights up blue to support police

(Photo/Huntsville PD) 
(Photo/Huntsville PD) 

Officers who recently took a mysterious call arrived to a scene they won’t soon forget: an entire neighborhood lit up in blue. FULL STORY

3. Mass. city commends cops for buying gas, food for stranded family

Photo/Newburyport Police Department

When Officers Charles Vorderis and Michael Falite responded to a call of an emergency, they found a pregnant mother who was stranded with her four children. The LEOs provided them food and gas with money out of their own pocket. FULL STORY

4. Hundreds of LEOs sign flags for LA deputies shot in ambush

Photo/Blue Line Unites Everyone

Hundreds of cops banded together to show their support for a pair of deputies recovering from an ambush attack.

“We are family and are here to protect and support each other,” Deputy Trent Lindstrom told St. George News. FULL STORY

5. LEO rescues 14-year-old from Ill. house fire

The officer was nearly overcome by the blaze but managed to get the boy out. FULL STORY

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