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The Up-Beat: Top police heroes of June

Our monthly roundup of cops doing good across the nation

upbeat june 2021

By Police1 Staff

From small gestures of kindness to incredible acts of heroism, police officers help their communities every day. Our monthly news roundup, The Up-Beat, aims to bring greater attention to these inspiring stories.

This month, we highlight officers who fixed a neighbor’s roof on their own time, one officer’s commitment to a dementia call, and more stories of cops lending a hand. Do you have an uplifting story to share? Email or complete the box below.

1. Hero of the month: Officer David Kaufman

A Colorado police officer was praised for his patience and compassionate response to a woman with dementia. The woman’s husband had called police to help find her after she wandered off. But when Officer David Kaufman approached the woman, June, she refused his help. Instead, Kaufman walked and talked with June for “quite a long time” until she got tired and accepted a ride home.

For Kaufman, this was personal.

“I have an 81-year-old father who suffers from dementia and I’m aware of what could be happening at any moment and how tenuous it is,” Kaufman said. “It was definitely personal to me to get that person back to her husband.” Great work, Officer! Full story

2. cops fix roof for elderly couple scammed by contractor

A patrol squad in Maryland took matters into their own hands after an elderly couple on their beat lost $33,000. Full story

3. NYPD detectives gift Disney World trip to girl who witnessed family’s murder

A 9-year-old girl witnessed the unimaginable. And while nothing can erase that horror, the detectives who worked the case went above and beyond to make her world a little brighter. Full story

4. Watch: Arizona officers get elderly man home safe, help put away his groceries

A concerned citizen called police regarding an elderly man who was sitting in his car in the scorching heat. Responding officers went above and beyond the call of duty to help him out. Full story

5. Watch: Quick-thinking rookie cop saves choking infant

“Anytime I deal with something that involves a child, I think about how the parents would want me to treat the child as if it was mine,” said 23-year-old Officer Cody Hubbard. Full story