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The Up-Beat: Top police heroes of March

Our monthly roundup of cops doing good across the nation

upbeat March 2021

By Police1 Staff

From small gestures of kindness to incredible acts of heroism, police officers help their communities every day. Our monthly news roundup, The Up-Beat, aims to bring greater attention to these inspiring stories.

This month, we highlight a dramatic rescue from a burning vehicle, a Narcan success and more stories of cops lending a hand. Do you have an uplifting story to share? Email or complete the box below.

1. Hero of the Month: Officer Joe Spalick

Pennsylvania cop Joe Spalick was hailed a hero this month after rescuing a mother and her two teenage daughters from a major house fire. Spalick credited his success to teamwork and training.

“I was the first one on the scene, and I instantly saw the front porch in flames and thick black smoke all through the house,” Spalick said. Spalick ran up the neighbor’s steps to the back of the house where he found two teens. He ushered them to safety and then ran back to help their mother. Two firefighters were injured in the blaze, but the house’s occupants all made it out safely.

Great work, officer! FULL STORY

2. Video: Ariz. cops rescue man trapped in burning car

Officers Rudy Castillo and Joel Kaminsky jumped into action, smashing the driver’s window with a fire extinguisher. FULL STORY

3. Video: Cops rescue puppies from burning shop in Australia

These cops received a round of ‘ap-paws’ for carrying these puppies to safety. FULL STORY

4. Video: NYPD cops hailed for saving baby girl with CPR

“These officers immediately responded, performed CPR, saved the life of an infant,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “This the kind of thing that means so much to know that a child is alive today, because of the bravery, because of the quick thinking and the commitment of these NYPD officers.” FULL STORY

5. Calif. cop uses Narcan to save toddler exposed to fentanyl

A two-year-old child is on the road to recovery thanks to Officer Aaron Khamosh. When Khamosh learned the child wasn’t breathing and had been exposed to fentanyl, the officer quickly administered two doses of Narcan. FULL STORY

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