Video: Ex-NFL player slams van door on deputy’s arm, gets TASERed

It’s unclear if the deputy suffered any injuries

By Police1 Staff

DUBLIN, Ohio — Recently released body cam footage shows an ex-NFL player getting TASERed after slamming a van’s sliding door on a deputy’s arm.

On Friday, Delaware County sheriff’s deputies were working special duty at a bar when management asked the LEOs to remove 33-year-old Kirk Barton, the Columbus Dispatch reports. Barton, a former NFL player who is 6 foot 6 inches tall and 300 pounds, was intoxicated, stumbling and knocking people over, police said.

Barton left the bar without incident and got into a taxi van. When Barton couldn't remember his address, a deputy helped him retrieve his license from his wallet.

When the taxi driver couldn’t read the address on Barton’s license and handed it back to the deputy, Barton slammed the van’s sliding door on Deputy Andrew Lee’s arm. Deputies ordered Barton out of the van, but he refused to exit it.

Deputies used a TASER on Barton twice before the LEOs managed to get the former offensive lineman out of the van.

Barton was charged with felonious assault on a law enforcement officer on Monday.

It’s unclear if the deputy suffered any injuries, according to the Chicago-Tribune.

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