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1033 Program

Here are the events and technologies the P1 team and our readership viewed as having the most significant impact on the profession in the last decade
Holosun’s HM3X Magnifier offers versatility, durability and affordability
If criticism of the 1033 program rises again, LE agencies need to be ready to educate their communities about why cops need military surplus equipment
Some of the weapons defined as “military equipment” under the bill includes armored and tactical vehicles and riot gear
Jim and Doug discuss the ways in which Urban Shield improves inter-agency communication and preparation for emergency response
Attorney General Jeff Sessions could outline the changes during a Monday speech
The sheriff told the House Judiciary Committee that it was critical for the federal government to reconsider the curtailment of a program that provided the equipment
On Day One of his administration, President Donald Trump made several moves which indicate a White House far different than the past eight years
How will Trump’s promise of unconditional support for law enforcement translate into policy changes?
Jim and Doug discuss what Trump means for Executive Order 13688, as well as various impacts his presidency will likely have on the criminal justice system
Executive Order 13688, issued in January 2015, effectively ended federal support for the local equipment acquisition program known as the 1033 program
The radical Islamist attack is a reminder that nation is at war with a twisted ideology that promotes violence against anyone who does not submit to those extremist beliefs
Los Angeles Unified School District recently returned three grenade launchers
Every police officer is a guardian, but on the inside there must reside the beating heart of an honorable warrior ready to be summoned at a moment’s notice
If cops are stripped of the safety equipment and less lethal devices used for crowd control and other enforcement efforts, the scene on the street can quickly become dangerous