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Police1 columnists are not the only writers sharing information – officers also share their wisdom and wisecracks in the comments section below each article

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I climbed into a patrol car for the first time on January 1, 1974, with no pre-service training. Back then, you went to the academy after you proved yourself worthy of the expenditure. There was no field training program either. Instead of an FTO, I was greeted early on by a senior officer who told me, “I don’t want you here, but since you are, keep your mouth shut and your eyes open and you might learn something.”

Law enforcement has since become a professional operation that endeavors to ensure recruits receive formal preservice training, as well as field training. Experienced officers receive top-notch in-service and specialized training throughout their careers.

I would have loved to have access back then to the many informal outlets now available to new and experienced officers to share valuable information and effective tactics designed to keep cops safe and successful. Police1.com is one of those outlets. However, Police1 columnists are not the only writers sharing valuable information and tactics. Experienced officers also share their hard-earned wisdom and insights in the comment section below each article.

Here are a few of the diamonds in the rough shared by some of our readers this year and one fictional sergeant you may have missed:

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