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4th person dies after NC block party shooting

Investigators haven’t said what caused suspects to begin firing into the group of hundreds

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The scene of a shooting and vehicular assault Monday left four people dead and multiple wounded in Charlotte.

Photo/AP Photo/Sarah Blake Morgan

By Associated Press

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police say a fourth person has died after being shot earlier this week during an impromptu celebration in North Carolina.

Dairyon Dejean Stevenson, 31, died Tuesday in the hospital while being treated for a gunshot wound received during the shooting early Monday, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police department said in a news release.

Police have said five others were wounded and five were hit by vehicles after shots rang out at an impromptu block party in Charlotte that was a continuation of Juneteenth celebrations.

Police say about 400 people were gathered on the north side of the city when someone in the crowd was struck during a hit-and-run accident, prompting the arrival of police and medical first responders.

Police say about 100 casings were recovered at the scene. Witnesses said cars had been doing tricks in the street preceding the hit-and-run and that people in the crowd began firing guns. Investigators still haven’t said what caused people to begin firing.