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The Airborne / Maritime topic provides news articles, tips and expert advice for police officers who want to learn the best ways to work with police helicopters, airplanes and more in their city, state or region.

Helicopter Rescue Tech Ernie Zeller hoisting out of Snohawk 10, a Bell UH-1H Huey, during a search and rescue mission
Truckee Police Department officers provide education, enforcement and community engagement while patrolling on their 21-foot police boat
A retired cop shows off his new ride
The boy’s parents said they were shocked at how much ground their son covered, estimating he traveled about a mile with a good portion of that in a creek
Sgt. Cameron Conner has served with the sheriff’s office for eight years; he just got his commercial helicopter pilot license and put in 1,000 total flight hours
“If you don’t have a strong constitution, you will run into some things that will scare you. I’ve seen folks come flying up out of the water scared to death!”
The Contra Costa Sheriff’s Marine Patrol and Air Support Units provide services over urban, suburban and rural landscapes, plus waterways
This light observation helicopter will be outfitted with an array of special equipment
Available in three sizes, Fluid Watercraft’s RIBs are available in 30 days or less
The Robinson R-44 helicopter went out at 2 a.m. to help with a pursuit and never returned
The Albuquerque PD helicopter had been called in to investigate a shots fired call when the gunman fired from a balcony