Best of Bizarre Beat: 10 strangest stories of 2014

From a haunting in New Mexico to a serial masturbator's cheese-ridden reign of terror in Philly, it's a weird, weird world out there

By Police1 Staff

From a haunting in New Mexico to a serial masturbator's cheese-ridden reign of terror in Philly, it's a weird, weird world out there, and cops inarguably see the worst of it. Here are some of the strangest stories we covered in 2014.  

1. Police arrest alleged 'Swiss Cheese Pervert'

A serial masturbator with an affinity for a certain dairy product was nabbed after allegedly driving around and exposing himself to multiple women while he asked them to pleasure him with Swiss cheese.

2. Tenn. cops find stolen, loaded gun in suspect's vagina

Police found a loaded North American Arms 22-caliber mini revolver inside the woman during a jail search, bringing a whole new meaning to 'concealed carry.'

3. Colo. man on 'molly' steals ambulance, attacks cops and masturbates in station

Man had a blanket, cell phone and a box of Wheat Thins with him during his crime spree. You know, the essentials.

4. Fla. woman asks for sex from cop, dials 911 after denial

Woman was arrested for misuse of 911 after repeatedly asking dispatchers to send an officer to her home for sex.

5. Video: NM police claim ghost caught on surveillance cam

Do you believe in ghosts?


6. NJ cop dressed as Donald Duck nabs drivers failing to yield

That 6-foot-4 Donald Duck trying to cross the street? Yeah, that's a cop.


7. Wanted man wins police-sponsored doughnut-eating contest, arrested

For nearly nine months, 24-year-old Bradley Hardison was a man on the run. What finally did him in? A doughnut eating contest at an anti-crime event packed with police.

8. Minn. man lands in jail after giving cop double 'wet Willy'

Man was getting on the "drunk bus" after bars had closed when he licked a finger on each hand and stuck them into the ears of a police sergeant.

9. Police find jewelry cache in Pa. man's rectum

Medical staff found a bag of synthetic marijuana, a socket wrench used for smoking, four bracelets, four necklaces, and 11 rings.

10. Would-be Minn. burglar scared off by singing fish

Big Mouth Billy Bass apparently got the best of a would-be burglar in Minnesota.

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