Man thought LEOs were Mexican cartel members before shooting cop in chest

Lukas Alves faces multiple charges, including the use of a firearm during a felony

By Amanda Spence

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. — A man allegedly shot at police and struck an officer in the chest after he thought the officers who arrived on scene were members of the Mexican cartel.

Fox 35 reported Lukas Alves is facing charges that include attempted first-degree premeditated murder of a police officer. Alves noted during an interview that he thought the cops were there to take his belongings.

Alves was staying in a hotel with his roommate at the Suburban Lodge Extended Stay. Hotel workers learned that a 911 call had been hung up. Management for the hotel then knocked on the door and overheard Alves yell, “There are a bunch of armed gunmen and I’m going to die.”

Police were notified and arrived on scene to check on the roommate. Law enforcement knocked on the door and Alves asked for their badge numbers numerous times.

Alves started to count from three, then he fired a round through the door, which struck an officer in the chest. However, the officer was wearing a vest and only had bruising and a small laceration on the chin.

But things didn’t end there. Alves and officers fired off shots, and some of Alves bullets went through walls into another room where people were occupied.

Alves and his roommate were both taken into custody before the incident escalated further. Alves has a number of charges against him, including one count of shooting into an occupied building and the use of a firearm during a felony.

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