Photo: Fla. police solve 'Flintstones' car mystery

Facebook post yields numerous tips, even more jokes

By Police1 Staff

KEY WEST, Fla. - Key West Police faced the unusual task of locating the owner of a vehicle that seemed to belong to some modern stone age family.

In the post, the department asked for help identifying the owner of the 'Flintstone' car before towing it away. It worked: the owner was found.

"THE OWNER HAS BEEN LOCATED! Thanks to everyone who helped on this! And thanks for all the funny remarks. This island is awesome!" the department wrote on its Facebook page.

Predictably, the post generated plenty of amusing replies in addition to actual tips.

"Check with Mr. Slate at the rock quarry," commented Mike Clougherty.

Steve Johnston posted, "Kids weren't with him. No hole in the roof. Check all the restaurants and drive thru's, pretty sure somebody would remember being asked about brontosaurus burgers."

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