Watch: Ark. man bolts from car during traffic stop mirroring ‘Forrest Gump’ sprint

Video shows the man jumping from a vehicle unprovoked, throwing a bag into the street, and sprinting into a field for no apparent reason

By Ashley Silver
Police1 Staff

POTTSVILLE, Ark. — An odd traffic stop recently drew comparisons to the legendary movie “Forrest Gump” after a man was seen on police dashcam footage bolting from a car in a similar manner as the actor on the comedic film.

The Huffington Post shared video from the bizarre police encounter which began when a man was pulled over by Sgt. Gerrad Huffman in Arkansas for a stop sign violation. Suddenly, the man dumps a black duffle bag on the ground as he runs from the car, using similar mannerisms as “Forrest Gump” when he sprinted towards a nearby field.

Huffman, who was perplexed but seemingly amused, could be heard on video shouting, “Keep running!”

After closer inspection of the bag thrown from the car, Huffman confirmed there was nothing illegal present.

The three other occupants in the car didn’t have many details to provide the officer because they’d only picked up the man as a hitchhiker a short time ago.

According to The Huffington Post, the police department’s policy is that the officer should remain with the multiple occupants of the car, rather than a fleeing individual, so the unknown man was not pursued.

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