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Criminal justice

Through a fellowship model, New Blue seeks to create a network of police officers committed to bringing about change within their departments
By specializing in a particular area, you can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and issues faced and become a valuable asset to your organization
We owe the one-half of one percent who don the uniform the opportunity to acclimate back into society and deal with any demons from their military service
Out of the 12 people involved, four were arrested at the scene, and three were subsequently arrested; all but one have been released without bail after arraignment
Should the House pass the legislation, the law would require bail for misdemeanors including second reckless driving or criminal trespass offenses and any misdemeanor battery
“There’s just an erosion of expectation of authority, this feeling that you don’t have to respect the authority of this city,” Mayor Eric Adams said
“The court system can be scary to navigate, but when we all work together, really good things can happen,” Lancaster County Public Defender Kristi Egger said in the release. “This was one of them”
Additional bills require agencies to screen prospective officers and fire current officers for participation in hate groups and allow noncitizens to become LEOs
Five people were arrested with ties to the three men charged in Deputy Darren Almendarez’s death
The author of “Criminal (In) Justice” discusses what the push for decarceration and depolicing gets wrong and who it hurts most
Participants would be diverted from the traditional criminal justice system for first time, lower-level offenses
Real-life guidance and insight into successfully navigating the foreseen and unforeseen challenges of working in the criminal justice field
The Dream Keeper Fellowship will give high-risk individuals $300 a month to avoid violence
The career outlook is particularly bright for those who earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in criminal justice
Career seminars and internships close the gap between theory and practice, better preparing students for criminal justice careers
Grant applicants must identify, understand and objectively address contemporary political, social and financial issues in the grant application process
In this episode of Policing Matters, former officers and current CJ professors discuss how degrees make better officers and expand career opportunities
Whether the issues passed or failed, what’s on state ballots is evidence of what is on the minds of voters
Forging partnerships with faculty members at local colleges and universities can have a direct impact on the quality of officer candidates in your region
Sheriff Alex Villanueva criticized elected officials for “fanning the flames of hatred” after two of his deputies were shot in an ambush over the weekend
Police leaders and those on the front lines should wonder what a Biden/Harris White House would mean for law enforcement
The man was charged with 2 counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Lt. Glenn Hutto Jr., 45, and Curtis Richardson, 58
“The colossal failure of bail and criminal justice reform in Houston is on full display here. Innocent people are dying. This has to STOP!!”
In addition to releasing inmates, we are also seeing a change in the types of top offenses pre- and post-COVID
Identifying and diverting ‘super-utilizers’ saves on resources, reduces jail overcrowding
Some of the inmates were sentenced to life in prison for murder
First Step Act gives judges more sentencing discretion, eases mandatory minimum sentences and aims at reducing recidivism
A handful of lawmakers are pushing for Wis. to criminalize first-offense drunken driving
Proponents say it would significantly improve the prison system. Opponents say there are loopholes that would allow dangerous criminals to be released from prison