Top 15 #LipSyncChallenge videos

We've watched more lip sync videos than we can count – some amazing, some torturous – to bring you a definitive ranking of the very best clips

By Police1 Staff

Police departments across the nation have captured the attention of the public this summer through the viral Lip Sync Challenge videos.

For those living under a rock, the Lip Sync Challenge kicked off in mid-June when Deputy Alexander Mena of the Bexar County Sheriff's Office in Texas posted a video to Facebook of himself lip-syncing to “Fuiste Mala” by the Kumbia Kings. Since then, hundreds of agencies have answered the challenge with increasingly impressive and elaborate entries.

We've watched more of these videos than we can count – some amazing, some torturous – to bring you a definitive ranking of the very best clips. Did we miss any? Did we get it completely wrong? Spot on? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

1. Seattle Police Department

Seattle PD ran away with this one.

2. San Francisco Police Department

The motor cops on the Bay Bridge steal the show here.

3. Southlake (Texas) Department of Public Safety

Southlake Police Joins the #LipSyncChallenge

We're on the back end of this thing, but here we are, in all of our melodic glory. Bask in the glow of these fine lip syncers as they tickle your eardrums with their smooth sounds. After all, the DPS in Southlake DPS stands for: (D)efinitely (P)rofessional (S)ingers We'll tag Bangor Maine Police Department, City of Roanoke, Texas Police Department, and Trophy Club Police Department. As always, we love your likes and shares! #LipSyncChallenge #LipSyncBattle #Southlake #ProtectSouthlake #ProtectYou Laura Hill

Posted by Southlake DPS on Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Southlake DPS tricked their staff into actually singing on camera. It’s pretty brutal – and hilarious.

4. Hampton (Va.) Police Department

This Marky Mark may be better than the real thing.

5. Columbus (Ind.) Police Department

This excellent medley starts with a car stunt and ends with a spot-on spoof of the “Friends” intro.

6. Las Cruces (NM) Police Department

The Las Cruces PD gets major points for their clever way of tying the various segments together. There’s also some local flavor here – former Las Cruces cop turned country singer Frank Ray makes an appearance. Toby Keith even gave them a shout out!

7. Cleveland (Tenn.) Police Department

The boys of the Cleveland PD take you to Havana.


More evidence that the West Coast is the best coast. Bonus points for the celebrity appearance! 

9. Charleston (W.Va.) Police Department

The best part comes at the end.

10. Norfolk (Va.) Police Department

Incredibly, this video was shot in one take.

11. Fort Worth (Texas) Police Department

A truly impressive (and bizarre) one-man show.

12. Middletown (Ohio) Police Department

Lady Antebellum had high praise for this ode to donuts that made excellent use of the band’s song “Need You Now.”

13. Caldwell (Idaho) Police Department

The Caldwell PD has something for everyone in this clip.  

14. Richmond (Va.) Police Department

The Richmond PD’s inspiring message earned them a spot on this list.

15. Skokie (Ill.) Police Department

From the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” to “Gangnam Style”, the officers of the Skokie PD do a lot in this video and nail all of it.

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