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Domestic Terrorism

Public safety leaders reflect on the 21st anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks and the legacy of 9/11 in the emergency services
By learning to recognize the phases of the Terrorist Attack Cycle, you may be able to break the cycle before plans are finalized and lives are lost
Following violent protests, the chief of police in Portland suggested that the city ban the wearing of masks during protests
Ridon Kola posted several times his intent to murder numerous officers and his support for ISIS
At least 19 people are facing the serious charge, and a few are linked to the ‘defend the forest’ movement
The group was arrested following a standoff and altercation with GBI agents and Atlanta police officers at the planned site of a new police training center
The department’s top national security official described an “elevated” threat from violent extremists
FBI Director Chris Wray told lawmakers intel was properly shared with other law enforcement agencies even though it was raw and unverified
A man was driving 130 mph on roads slick with snow when police pulled him over
The 13 men’s collective rap sheet includes drunken driving, malicious destruction, assault and shoplifting
The U.S. Air Force sergeant who allegedly murdered a deputy earlier this month has been charged with a second ambush of a federal officer