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The new wage increase ups the starting pay to $62,400 per year, which is the biggest raise for state troopers in two decades
Council members nixed only one major request: a $12 million proposal to cover the cost of officers’ health insurance
Under the deal, the officers agreed to participate in a misdemeanor diversion program and satisfied conditions including paying restitution
With the raise, the starting salary for Detroit officers jumps from $43,000 to $53,000 annually
Insights on the North American public sector’s cryptocurrency outlook
The program includes signing bonuses for recruits, funds for relocation expenses, pay raises and bonuses, in addition to adoption support for officers
The deal would bump starting officers’ annual salaries from $43K to $53K
“Families come in all forms and children of fallen responders will now receive equal benefits regardless of their parents’ marital status,” Sheriff Jim Hart said
The Public Safety Officer Support Act supports first responders who experienced PTSD or died by suicide following exposure to certain traumatic events
Tampa Mayor Jane Castor called the raises “both necessary and well deserved”
“What we see in this career, the calls that we get, can take a toll on somebody’s mental health and wellness,” said Cheshire County Sheriff Eli Rivera
Retired Det. Costa Walton says he intends to divvy up the money between his children, nieces and nephews
The city unanimously passed an ordinance to extend LODD benefits to suicide deaths