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Fraud complaints do not necessarily need to be immediately forwarded to a detective
An electronic tool allows investigators to check balances and freeze prepaid debit cards of potential criminal funds while still out in the field
Helps local detectives to engage with international law enforcement agencies so that suspects are questioned in their countries of residence and funds are returned to victim
The deputies are being charged separately, most on fraud charges, and are going through “the legal process of being fired,” the sheriff says
U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said the sentence shows that “no one, not even high-ranking union bosses, is above the law”
U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said Ed Mullins reneged on his promise to look out for thousands of sergeants by stealing “hundreds of thousands of dollars from them”
Learn how to enhance personal and family safety and fend off cyber and physical threats
The officers are alleged to have embezzled more than $200,000 by submitting false time sheets
1 trooper has been fired, 5 are facing termination and 15 were ordered to repay money
Many crimes today – from identity theft to the sale of illegal drugs – can involve the use of the U.S. mail
The incidents were similar: Phone calls were made to potential victims, with the caller demanding a large sum of money or threatening to harm a loved one
The frauder must spend 21 months in prison along with paying restitutions to his victims
Authorities said the 14-year-old boy launched phony investigations and pulled people over while driving in an SUV equipped with flashing blue and red lights
Police said Michael Neu, 67, has participated in financial scams over the internet and phone and has wired some of his money to co-conspirators in Nigeria
Andres Sanchez, 20, wore a law enforcement uniform and drove an unmarked vehicle to pull over and rob drivers he suspected of being immigrants
The man flashed a fake badge and gun at a Starbucks and claimed he was a detective
Police said the callers identifying themselves as Fundraisers for First Responders have not been approved to collect funds on Officer Ryan O’Connor’s behalf
Police said Wayne Lozier Jr. wore a gun belt and a bullet-proof vest emblazoned with the words “State Agent” when he chased and TASERed a man
April Briscuso was arrested on suspicion of stealing more than $750 meant for former Officer Craig Tudor
Anthony J. Carbonaro, 48, told the trooper he had the badge because he was a federal police officer
When the LEO said he worked for Louisville police, the impersonator said he wouldn’t write him a ticket and left the scene
Officials estimate they have saved taxpayers $17M since 2012 by detecting and arresting fraudulent food stamp users
Cleveland cops arrested suspect after an 18-month investigation that will show fraud exceeding $3 million
The warrants aimed to gather evidence against police and fire retirees allegedly coached to claim they were too psychologically devastated to work
A sprawling criminal case accusing more than 100 retired firefighters, police officers, jail guards and others of scamming the Social Security disability system ensnared 28 more people with charges Tuesday