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Cyber Crime

Interactive virtual environment simulates cybersecurity incidents for realistic, hands-on training for law enforcement
The parents of James Woods, 17, are on a mission to shine a light on the events leading up to the death of their only child by suicide and what happened after
Dr. David P. Weber, who blew the whistle on misconduct in the Bernie Madoff and R. Allen Stanford cases, is using a $2.6M grant to oversee interns investigating fraudsters preying on the elderly
“Recreating crime scenes, information sharing and planning of tactics will boost situational awareness,” the Interpol report states
Solutions and insights for protecting public safety networks from cyberattacks
The teen was safely reunited with her mother, but that outcome required quick coordination between at least six law enforcement agencies in two states within 27 hours
“Not every child ... will have the support system to deal with this issue,” Dorota Mani, the mother of a victim, said. “And they might not see the light at the end of the tunnel.”
FBI Director Christopher Wray highlighted the case in a speech at IACP 2023
As America’s senior population grows, police must adjust to better serve their needs
Shawn Talmadge of Virginia’s Department of Emergency Management explains why cyber threat intelligence-sharing is key to preparing the state for large-scale disaster response
The breach has disabled patrol vehicle laptops, forcing officers to write down details of calls they receive from dispatch