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Gun Control

Protecting our communities from threats takes intense effort, rational behavior and logical thinking
Some may shudder at the words “consent to search.” But hear me out
Cops and citizens could become victims of these new statutes if due process and other fundamental liberties are violated
The state law requiring the background check is intended to help police find people who own guns illegally; a federal judge has ruled it violated Second Amendment rights
The proposals include requiring background checks for advertised private gun sales, harshening penalties for reckless sales and creating a violence prevention resource network
“I’ve deemed it from my understanding of case law as unlawful or valid on its face,” Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Bullard stated. “My office will not be taking any action on this”
The lawsuit alleged that carrying guns for self-defense was still necessary in these areas and that restrictions should only apply to areas with special government functions
Newsom also signed a law that, starting July 1, 2028, would require all semiautomatic pistols sold in California to have microstamping technology
Judge Urias said he agreed with plaintiffs who accused the governor of impeding on constitutional rights
Sheriff John Allen, along with other lawmakers and citizen groups, decried the temporary public health order as an infringement on civil liberties
The suspect shoved the officer into his cruiser and got on top of him, violently hitting him, getting his gun