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Check out these miraculous - and candid - dash cam videos of LEOs selflessly performing heroic acts.
Amid the backyard barbecues and price-slashing sales, thousands across the country are remembering their loved ones
When compared to our military comrades, law enforcement hasn’t had much experience supporting its wounded officers in such large numbers from one significant event like 9/11
Experts say movements meant to show reverence and gratitude can also factor into a concept called “meta-dehumanization”
Officer Jared Shope says he will continue to serve his community, and thanks its businesses, school districts and residents for unwavering support
Marietta Officer Austin Martin spoke to the woman for almost an hour and laced his fingers through the fence with hers until she was rescued
The father and daughter were treading water for about an hour before being located with spotlights
Body-worn video captures the rescue and CPR efforts after a driver crashed into a retention pond
James Musgrove charged the shooter, retrieved the gun and struck the shooter until he was subdued
This is the 26th case the dive teams have been able to help law enforcement solve
The man tackled the suspect to the ground after the suspect appeared in the man’s backyard carrying an AR-15 and demanding car keys