Can’t make it to the IACP conference?

Don’t worry, it is still possible to connect with and learn from other law enforcement leaders

More than 16,000 law enforcement leaders from around the world will gather in Dallas from October 15-18 for IACP 2022. The annual International Association of Chiefs of Police conference is the signature event of the year for training and professional development. In addition to hundreds of education sessions, attendees will have access to the thousands of products and solutions showcased by more than 600 exhibitors.  

But if you can’t make it to IACP 2022, don’t worry, as there are several ways to learn from and stay connected to your colleagues.  

1. Follow IACP 2022 action on social media 

#IACP2022 is the official hashtag for the event. Check the feed regularly for updates and images posted from education sessions and the show floor.

You’ll find top takeaways from instructors about their sessions, notable moments shared by attendees, and product announcements from sponsors and vendors. Also, keep an eye on similar hashtags like #IACP22 and #IACP.  

Top LEO companies are sure to be posting on their social accounts from IACP, so follow their accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for conference updates.  

2. Review the education program 

Even if you can’t attend IACP in person, you can still learn about the top trends, challenges and opportunities facing law enforcement leaders by reviewing the education program and speaker lineup. The program can be filtered by topics, like community-police engagement, innovation, officer safety and leadership development.  

You can also browse the conference program by speaker name or track. For example, there are 15 education sessions in the “Smaller Agency” track, spanning a range of topics from recruitment and retention to human trafficking to responding to suicidal subjects.  

3. Seek out similar content 

Many of the speakers who reach the IACP big stage have previously presented and written on their IACP topic. Google search the presenter and their topic for videos, podcasts and articles from the speaker about the topic.  

Sometimes it won’t be the speaker who sparks your interest, but rather the topic or track of their presentation. Follow up on your interest in the Police1 topic and product category sections, both great places to search for more information on topics from body armor to less-lethal to virtual reality training. Supplement your reading by listening to subject-matter experts on the Policing Matters podcast or with these Police1 digital events.   

John Hollywood, RAND Corporation, is discussing the Mass Attack Defense Toolkit at IACP, a topic he recently discussed on the Policing Matters podcast

4. Connect with IACP presenters 

Connect with presenters who you would have liked to see at the show with the questions you would have asked face-to-face. I’ve always found conference presenters to be approachable and humble about their experiences. Generally, they are quick to reply to LinkedIn connection requests or respond to emails with presentation materials. You won’t know until you ask. 

Check out the full list of IACP presenters here

5. Join and participate in the IACP 

The IACP is more than an annual conference. The IACP is the world’s largest professional association for law enforcement leaders. The association offers learning and networking opportunities throughout the year to advance leadership and professionalism in policing.  

In addition to IACP, law enforcement leaders find value in joining and participating in their state law enforcement associations and membership groups. Online and offline networking and training events are important for professional development, building community and rekindling a sense of purpose.  

6. Attend virtual events 

Some shows offer virtual events during or after the main conference. Look for virtual event information on the show’s information page and social feeds. On-demand viewing can be a great way to digest a treasure trove of content from an industry conference at your own speed.  

7. Visit vendor websites 

The exhibit hall is a top destination for most conference attendees. Hours can be spent wandering the aisles, waiting to talk to a sales rep and receiving important information to guide an upcoming purchase. Viewing the IACP 2022 exhibitor list and then visiting the websites of vendors of most interest can save a lot of time while also getting the information you need. Also, if you are early in the purchase process, check out this collection of free Police1 How to Buy Guides.  

Plan ahead for IACP 2023 

For many LEO leaders, the cost of conference attendance – travel, registration fees and meals – is out of reach of the annual budget. If you can’t attend IACP 2022, start making plans for other IACP events or IACP 2023, scheduled for October 14-17 in San Diego. The education sessions, face-to-face networking with vendors, and the inspiration and renewal from spending time with colleagues are well worth the investment.  

Bookmark Police1's IACP topic page to follow our coverage from the event.

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