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Utility unveils three new product innovations at IACP 2022

The products span a variety of categories including digital evidence management, license plate capture and evidence-collection

By Police1 Staff

DALLAS — Utility unveiled three product innovations – across a variety of categories – at the IACP 2022 annual conference.

Polaris by Utility is the new iteration of Utility’s cloud-based digital evidence management system (DEMS). Designed to enable agencies to gather disparate digital evidence from any source into one unified view, Polaris allows agencies to upload, analyze and manage evidence including video, audio, documents, photos, metadata, phone data, security camera footage, and more. Agencies can manage camera registry programs within the platform featuring a simple process to request digital evidence from citizens and have files uploaded to the case directly. Additionally, the platform allows for the intake of evidence from third-party systems allowing agencies to utilize one DEMS platform for all forms of evidence.

Solar-Powered ALPR, an evolution of Utility’s ALPR technology, ensures license plate capture in most any light and weather condition along with smart analytics that extends license plate capture to include vehicle make, model and color.

EOS by Utility, previously known as BodyWorn by Utility, is a patented, evidence-collection device that can be integrated into uniforms to ensure it stays in place for consistent data collection. With the new name come new functionalities, increasing officers’ task efficiency and saving them time. These new features include search bar classifications to quickly find incidents and an automatic driver’s license scanner. The application is now available in Spanish and French Canadian.

Visit Utility at IACP 2022 in booth 7816 and learn more here.