Founder of faces prison

A video report with illegally recorded interviews has led to three felony wiretapping counts against Adam Mueller

By Police1 Staff

MANCHESTER, N.H. — The founder of has been indicted on three felony wiretapping counts in connection to a video posted to the anti-law enforcement website about alleged excessive force in a school cafeteria.

Adam "Ademo" Mueller's video report focused on cell phone footage recorded at West High School in Manchester of Officer Darren Murphy arresting a 17-year-old.

Public officials instructed the cell phone video be deleted, but it was instead sent to Mueller, who called Manchester police for comment and recorded interviews with on-duty officers, according to a press release. He then used the calls in his report, which claimed excessive force by Murphy and went viral.

New Hampshire state statutes say in order to be guilty of wiretapping, there must be a reasonable expectation that the communications of the other party are not subject to interception.

Court records show that jury selection will begin August 6 at Manchester Superior Court.

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