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Motorcycle Patrol

The Police1 Motorcycle Patrol topic page provides motor officers with news, information and resources they need to be ready for everything from VIP escort to high-speed pursuit of a dangerous suspect.

Follow these tips for police officers to protect your skin and eyes from the sun while on patrol
First held in 1920, the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade is the oldest Thanksgiving Day parade in America
Browse our gallery of AI-generated police vehicle Christmas tree ornaments
Download this Police1 police motorcycles buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation
When you absolutely need to write something down make sure you have a weatherproof Rite in the Rain notebook
Gordon Graham offers practical tips to minimize the risk of heat illness, including dressing in lightweight, light-colored clothing, taking regular breaks in a cool place and more
Engines roared and turns got tighter as law enforcement and civilian motorcycle riders maneuvered their 1000cc bikes on challenging courses at Palm Beach State College
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department motor officers are on patrol, but will they catch up with the Formula 1 drivers?
Manhattan Beach PD Officer Chad Swanson, who had served with the department for more than 13 years, was involved in multiple rescues at the 2017 Las Vegas shooting
Officer Darrin McMichael worked with the Arlington Police Department for 24 years and with the motorcycle unit for 13
The motorcycle officer fell up to 60 feet off an onramp and onto an interstate below while he was on service detail for Vice President Kamala Harris’ motorcade
Officer Bill Sapolu’s final act of service was “donating his organs to save the lives of others,” his family said
The officer’s “new Kevlar uniform appears to have significantly prevented an even worse outcome,” the president of the San Diego Police Officers Association said
“I just ran toward the officer and I punched the (suspect) in the ribs, but it seemed like he didn’t even feel it”
Twenty-two officers have been moved into the traffic patrol division for one month to focus on impaired drivers and the deadliest city streets
The Duluth PD expanded their use of motorcycles from community policing to on- and off-road patrols
Charles Herring was riding his police motorcycle on patrol when a piece of a tree fell and struck him, causing him to swerve and crash
Two state troopers in the agency’s motorcycle unit have died since 2015
The new additions are expected to make a difference in strengthening community relations
Paul Daniel Newell was one of several officers escorting three large trucks carrying holiday wreaths to a veteran cemetery when he was involved in a crash
The state’s new Law Enforcement Motor Standard is offered free of charge
In service since 1909, the Fort Worth Police Department’s Motor Unit currently has 31 full-time riders
The officer was traveling on his motorcycle when a vehicle entered the roadway from a parking lot, causing his motorcycle to collide with the car
The 93 CHP cadets graduating this week participate in a five-mile run from the CHP Academy to the California Peace Officers’ Memorial to honor fallen LEOs
Motor cops have one of the most dangerous jobs in one of the most dangerous professions. Proactive measures can help mitigate those dangers
Officer Matt Larsh believes it’s a miracle he got a second chance at life
This suspected thief picked the wrong street corner
The officer is expected to survive
A Florida motorcycle unit poses with the crew of a U.S. Air Force B1 bomber at an air show