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Trending Topics: Are you prepared for a sudden attack at a traffic stop?

What tactics do you use to stay safe?

By Police1 Staff

Vehicle stops are one of the most common (and dangerous) duties cops conduct on patrol. While it’s not news to anyone in LE that vigilance during these encounters is of the utmost importance, it’s vital to remember just how quickly these encounters can turn violent.

What tactics do you employ to stay safe? Take a look at these five examples of violence erupting mere seconds into a traffic stop and share your safety tips in the comments section. Be sure to check out our articles on the subject here and here.

1. Mich. cop nearly shot in head by suspect armed with shotgun

As Officer Brad Gentry approached suspect Darriyone Zamone Clark-Brown’s car and said, “What’s up man?” Clark-Brown fired a single shot at Gentry’s head.

2. Iowa cop shot in head during traffic stop

The gunman exited from the passenger side of the vehicle as it came to a stop and fired eight shots at Officer Kevin McCormick, hitting him in the forehead above his right eye.

3. Ga. officer shot 5 times during traffic stop

As Officer Charles Vill approached the vehicle, he was shot five times by a man who was released from a state prison just three months prior.

4. Texas deputy shot in face at traffic stop

Deputy James Boyd had pulled over a black Cadillac for a traffic violation, and leaned over the passenger side window when the driver suddenly opened fire.

5. Ore. trooper ambushed at traffic stop, suspect killed

The gunman, John Van Allen, immediately exited his vehicle after he was stopped on a highway and opened fire on Trooper Matt Zistel.

“After being removed from the slide, (she) struck (a sergeant) with her elbow across the face while he attempted to restrain her,” the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said
The King County Sheriff’s Office helicopter monitored two suspects who went on a carjacking spree, giving the Kent Police Department probable cause to initiate a pursuit
The chatter from the radio traffic was nonstop as dispatchers and commanders managed ambulances, medical resources and officers for traffic and crowd control
Sheridan Police Sgt. Nevada Krinkee died at a hospital after being shot when he tried to serve the man with a trespass warning