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Trending Topics: When celebrities clash with cops

By Police1 Staff

In a recent installment of Trending Topics, we highlighted five inspiring stories of celebrities supporting the boys (and girls) in blue, but a high-speed pursuit of ‘Star Wars’ actor Jake Lloyd has called attention to the other side of celebrity interactions with cops. Take a look at these incidents of entertainers falling on the wrong side of the law and be sure to check out our column on 4 tips for your next celebrity bust.

‘Star Wars’ actor engages SC cops in high-speed pursuit

The incident began when former child actor Jake Lloyd tried to evade officers attempting to pull him over.

Rapper ‘The Game’ arrested in punching of off-duty cop

Violent incident involving an off-duty police officer occurred at a pickup basketball game.

‘Django’ actress ordered to apologize after profiling claim

An actress who accused an LA cop of mistreatment pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace and was ordered to write an apology letter to the sergeant involved in the high-profile detention.

R&B artist The Weeknd accused of hitting Vegas cop

Police were trying to break up a fight when the singer allegedly hit an officer on the side of the head with a closed fist.

Rappers T.I., Game get in standoff with LAPD

The clash began over mistaken accusations that officers attacked the rap stars’ friends.