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Trending topics: When police pursuits go off-road

By Police1 Staff

Police pursuits are a dangerous task to begin with, but that level of danger increases exponentially when a suspect decides to take things off-road. From a wild pursuit on Los Angeles train tracks to a very close call at a children’s park, watch as officers risk their lives in a high-speed battle with rough terrain.

Minn. police pursuit tears through golf course

The pursuit also went through an active construction site before the suspect was apprehended at a local mall.

Ohio cops pursue assault suspect through snow

Police pursue a suspect wanted for assault and robbery through tough, snowy Ohio terrain - at one point crashing into the driver.

LA suspect takes to train tracks in pursuit

LAPD officers capture a suspect after a foot pursuit that began when his vehicle became stuck on train tracks.

Kids nearly hit as teen suspect speeds through park

14-year-old male driving the car had taken the vehicle from his grandfather.

Texas suspect takes pursuit off-road

A Texas pursuit takes a dangerous turn after a truck driver takes his vehicle off-road.