Video: Nev. trooper injured after suspected drunk driver hits cruiser

The officer was forced to jump out of the way after an impaired driver slammed into his cruiser

By Police1 Staff

LAS VEGAS — A Nevada Highway Patrol officer suffered minor injuries after a driver slammed into his vehicle during a traffic stop.

According to local news station KTNV, Trooper Adam Whitmarsh was speaking to the driver of the car he pulled over when 23-year-old Benjamin Perri slammed into Whitmarsh’s cruiser, forcing him to jump out of the way. The hit also caused the cruiser to slam into the car of the driver Whitmarsh pulled over.

“Looking at it I was wondering what I was thinking that moment, but I was shocked it just happened so fast,” Whitmarsh told the news source.

The officer became a trooper because impaired driving hits close to home. He lost his father when he was 2 years old to a drunk driver.

“We handle DUI drivers the most, its a subject that matters to state troopers, so from there it fueled me to become a trooper,” he said.


#ICYMI This is dash camera footage of a Trooper in Las Vegas that was nearly killed while on a traffic stop this Saturday morning. The driver that struck the patrol car was arrested on suspicion of DUI and Reckless Driving. Our Trooper is currently on light duty but will return to full duty shortly. This video serves as a reminder of just how dangerous it is for Troopers while working on the freeway. Please remember to Slow Down and Move Over, it not only gives us room to work it’s also the law and also always drive sober. #drivesober #buckleup #drivesafenv #moveover #news #media #breakingnews #video #nhpsocomm

Posted by Nevada Highway Patrol on Tuesday, February 19, 2019


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