Video: NYPD tests robot dog at crime scene

Officers used the 70-pound ‘Digidog’ to help search an apartment

By Suzie Ziegler 

NEW YORK — This isn’t your average police K-9. 

On Tuesday, the NYPD used a 70-pound robot called ‘Digidog’ to help clear a crime scene in the Bronx, according to FOX 5. The robot uses "cameras and lights mounted on the device which allow the NYPD to view its surroundings in real-time," Sgt. Jessica McRorie, a police spokesperson told FOX 5. 

NYPD wouldn’t discuss details of the case but confirmed the robot had been used at an active scene. 

"The device deployed today to the inside of an apartment located within the confines of the 47th Precinct as part of an ongoing investigation," McRorie said, "and it was determined there were not any individuals inside of the location." 

The robot, made by Boston Dynamics, walks on four legs and is painted blue. According to FOX 5, it can climb stairs, search potentially dangerous areas and carry a small cargo. It can also be equipped with additional gear to open doors, recover objects and take measurements. 

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