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Video: Nev. tribal police fatally shoot man reaching for gun

The FBI released the 2012 footage after clearing officers involved in the shooting

By Police1 Staff

MOAPA, Nev. — The FBI released video of a fatal 2012 shooting by Moapa Tribal Police after officers were cleared of any wrongdoing by investigators, KTNV reported.

The Dec. 2012 incident occurred when 28-year-old Marcus Lee walked out of a store with a young boy.

Officers and Lee talked at a vehicle with two other passengers inside. After seven minutes of conversation, Lee reached towards an officer who then used a TASER on Lee.

The two other officers pull the passengers out of the vehicle and a struggle ensued.

An officer pointed his gun at Lee and Lee backed into the car. Police said he was reaching for a gun in the vehicle and that’s when they shot him.

The time between the TASER being used and the final shot being fired is 30 seconds.

All officers were cleared in the investigation.