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Photos: Man hurls 25-pound railroad tie at patrol car, shatters windshield

The suspect who hurled the object had 15 previous arrests and eight outstanding warrants


Bellingham Police Department Facebook

By Amanda Spence

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Shocking photos capture the aftermath of a department’s patrol car after a suspect hurled a 25-pound railroad tie at the windshield, spraying glass all over the officers inside the vehicle.

The officers witnessed the suspect throw the railroad tie just after they turned a blind corner, according to the Bellingham Police Department’s Facebook page. “They narrowly missed being severely injured,” the department wrote.

Following the incident, the officers called for assistance – noting that the suspect refused to comply.

“The officers spent a considerable amount of time getting glass shards out of every pocket and crevasse of their uniforms, off their skin, and out of their hair and mouths, ” the department continued. “The man did not know it was a police car at which he was throwing the railroad tie, meaning he was hurling at just any passing car.”

Police said the suspect had been contacted by police 26 times this year – with a total of 15 previous arrests and eight outstanding warrants.