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Police face coast-to-coast winter weather, challenges

Here’s a roundup of how police departments across the country are handling the bizarre pattern of winter weather

police snow texas san antonio snowman

San Antonio Police Department

By Suzie Ziegler

The biggest news story this week has almost certainly been the extreme winter weather in places that rarely get it, like Texas and Louisiana. Road conditions, snow removal and power outages have taxed public safety resources and personnel. Despite that, some officers are finding the snowy, silver lining.

Here’s a roundup of winter updates from police departments across the country.

Clearing snow

Detroit police officers visit seniors to help shovel snow after a record storm.

Likewise, police in Kansas suited up to shovel snow for the less able-bodied.

Police in Tennessee provide an escort for plow trucks after some close calls.

Enjoying the snow

While the snow has been stressful at times, some police officers (especially K-9s) are taking time to savor the rare conditions.

Road safety

With winter weather comes winter driving. It can be especially hairy in states that don’t normally think twice about the drawbacks of front-wheel drive.

A Schulenberg patrol car was responding to an accident in Texas when another car crashed into it, nearly hitting an officer.

You actually need to clear off the entire car…

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