Videos show Chicago cops pursuing suspect who shot off-duty probationary officer

The suspect sped off as officers attempted to approach the vehicle, which led to an officer firing shots at the passenger side – narrowly missing another officer

By Ashley Silver

CHICAGO — Newly released videos show the moments leading up to a Chicago police officer firing at an SUV that was involved in the shooting of an off-duty CPD officer last month.

The officer and his partner stopped the SUV, which sped off as the two officers approached the vehicle, FOX 32 Chicago reported. An officer then fired shots at the passenger side of the vehicle after the SUV narrowly missed an officer, squeezing between two police cars before escaping onto the freeway.

The police report states the officer discharged his firearm at the offending vehicle as a last resort to protect against an “imminent threat" to his partner, according to the report. No one in the SUV appeared to be hit by the gunfire.

The SUV was allegedly involved in the shooting of an off-duty female probationary officer minutes earlier, FOX 32 reported. The driver of that same SUV had allegedly stopped abruptly in front of the off-duty officer and began shooting on a public street, striking her in the face. She was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Police Superintendent David Brown said at a news conference.

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